Clients first need to download STEPN application on Google Play or the Apple application Store

Then, at that point, in the wake of joining and confirming an email address, you can interface a crypto wallet and investigate the STEPN environment.

Then, utilizing SOL, the local badge of Solana, you can purchase shoes straightforwardly in the STEPN commercial center. Sadly, this step can be restrictively costly for a few new players.

To eliminate this boundary to passage, the designer group is supposedly attempting to acquaint the capacity with lease tennis shoes. And keeping in mind that this component isn’t yet accessible, it will before long permit players to bring in cash playing crypto games without a forthright venture.

Thus, meanwhile, you should conclude what kind of tennis shoe suits your favored sort of activity. The game offers walkers, joggers, and sprinters.

To procure coins, you should “wear” the suitable sort of tennis shoes that relate to your speed. For instance, walkers are made for practicing at 1 to 6 km/hr., joggers are for 4 to 10 km/hr., and sprinters are for 8 to 20 km/hr.

In the wake of buying shoes, select the pair you need to use in the application, click Start, and acquire! As you move in the right speed range, you will see your tokens amass. Furthermore, can recover these profit for cash or in-game ventures like tennis shoe overhauls.

Assessing STEPN Tennis shoes

STEPN tennis shoes have four fundamental measurements deciding their in-game worth: effectiveness, karma, solace, and flexibility.

Proficiency estimates how frequently your tennis shoe drops you a coin while moving. Karma estimates how likely your shoe is to find a secret box. Secret boxes contain pearls that can use for shoe updates.

Solace controls the rate you acquire GMT, the game’s administration token. Strength controls how long your shoe endures before it needs fixing.

As well as stepping up your current tennis shoes, and can utilize STEPN profit to mint new sets of shoes. This is a fundamental unique in the game in light of the fact that like clockwork of development requires 1 energy.

Your most memorable sets of shoes gives 2 energy each day or as long as 10 minutes worth of remunerations. From that point forward, you should procure more shoes to acquire past that movement time. Distance sprinters, for instance, may have to gather upwards of twelve sets of shoes to help 1-2 hours of consistent work-out.


In the same way as other web3 applications, STEPN is controlled by a two-token framework. In this way, the manageability of the game and its alluring payouts depend vigorously on the tokenomics of digital currencies GST and GMT.

GST, or the Green Satoshi Token, is a utility token and in-game enjoying token with a limitless stockpile. It is procured for playing the game and utilized for fixing or stepping up existing shoes or stamping new tennis shoes.

GMT, or the Green Met averse Token, is an administration token with a covered inventory of 6 billion. This token could be held as a venture as it has both a decent stockpile and a surely knew emanations plan. The GMT white paper likewise makes sense of that these tokens will have in-game utility down the line.

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